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Attunity CloudBeam for Amazon S3 Region-to-Region

What is Attunity CloudBeam for Amazon S3 Region-to-Region?

Attunity CloudBeam for Amazon S3 Region-to-Region simplifies, automates, and accelerates the replication of files across customer-managed S3 buckets in different Amazon Regions.  

Common Use Cases:

  • Migrate to new Amazon Region: relocate files from legacy Region to newly introduced Region
  • Disaster Recovery:  assure files are backed up across Regions and available for restore
  • Content Availability:  distribute content for regional comsumption

How it’s Offered:

  • SaaS:  fully managed via Attunity CloudBeam service portal.  No software required.  
  • Pricing:  Pay-per-Use Subscription options available.
Overview Video: Attunity CloudBeam for Amazon S3 Region-to-Region

Overview Video

Sample Configuration

Sample Configuration


  • Automation:  scheduled or on-demand tasks execution
  • Guaranteed Delivery:  automatic recovery, security, auditing & reporting
  • Filtering:  granularly define include / excludes
  • Transfer Logic:  backup or replication (syncing deltas only)


  • Easy-to-Use:  SaaS, fully-managed, elastic infrastructure
  • Automation:  Intuitive Administration & Scheduling
  • Affordable:  Subscription based service
  • Monitoring:  for peace-of-mind, control, and audit
  • Security:  Industry-standard SSL encryption