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Attunity CloudBeam's Replicate-for-Redshift

What is Attunity CloudBeam’s Replicate-for-Redshift?

Attunity CloudBeam’s Replicate-for-Redshift is a combination software and service which enables organizations to simplify and accelerate the loading of data and incremental changes from a variety of heterogeneous sources to Amazon Redshift.  Attunity CloudBeam provides enterprise-grade automation, security, monitoring, and performance optimizations. 

Common Use Cases:

  • Initial Ingest to Amazon Redshift
  • Incremental loading of data to Amazon Redshift
  • Migrate data from Traditional or Legacy Data Warehouses

How it’s Offered:

  • Combination Software (on-prem client) and Service (fully managed)
  • Pricing:  Pay-per-Use Subscriptions available (monthly or annual)
  • Supported Sources:  Oracle, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, and many others
Replicate<br />
Data Flow

Replicate Data Flow

Replicate Interface

Replicate Interface

Replicate Processes

Replicate Processes

Replicate Supported Sources

Replicate Supported Sources


  • Acceleration:  high performance data transfer
  • Guaranteed Delivery:  automatic recovery, security, auditing & reporting
  • Automation:  Real-time, scheduled, or on-demand tasks execution
  • Zero Foot-Print Architecture:  no need to install software on source / target machines
  • Interface:  Drag & Drop for easy configuration
  • Schema & DDL Replication
  • Transformations:  Flexible target database schema mapping and transformations
  • Content-Based Filtering


  • Quick & Easy Setup:  Click-to-Load in minutes
  • End-to-End:  Database to Redshift Loading / CDC
  • Acceleration:  Best-in-Class transfer speeds & guaranteed delivery
  • Easy-to-Use:  SaaS, fully-managed, elastic infrastructure
  • Automation:  Intuitive Administration & Scheduling
  • Data Integrity:  Assured by way of check-mechanisms
  • Monitoring:  for peace-of-mind, control, and audit
  • SecurityIndustry-standard SSL encryption
  • AffordableSubscription based service