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Data Modeling for Big Data

For decades, the cardinal rule has been "model first, load later." But with big data, this longstanding rule is being flipped on its head as more enterprises incorporate new technologies, such as Hadoop and NoSQL, and new strategies, like Data Lakes, to manage fast-growing volumes of highly-variable and dynamic data...

Why Firms Struggle to Analyze More Data

Today’s organizations have tens, if not hundreds, of applications generating data ripe for analysis. In order to succeed in this customer-centric era, data insights must inform every function of the business, including customer experience, operations, marketing, sales, service, and finance. However, many enterprises struggle with integrating and gaining insight into...

Innovate SAP Data Management for Fast Business Success

Realise fast and flexible SAP data managment A requirement for enterprise success, businesses must ensure that accurate data is available for development, testing, analysis and training, while still protecting sensitive information. However, efficiently creating and updating non-production systems with good, reliable and secure data is one of the most difficult...

The Analytical Executive: Getting Their Hands Dirty with Data

Today’s most critical decisions not only rest on the business feel and gut instinct of our senior executives, but also on a bevy of descriptive underlying data. The involvement of that data may have once been purely supporting or affirming in nature, but now plays a more central role for...

Executive-Led Analytics: Does Your Insight Start at the Top?

A strong analytical environment is a good thing, we get it. But who drives the initiative beyond the implementation of technology? It's one thing to have executive-level buy-in and budget for analytical initiatives, but it's quite another thing to have those very executives be the ones fostering analytical mentality and...

Minimize TCO, Maximize Operational Efficiencies for SAP: Attunity Gold Client Solutions


Attunity offers a software tool suite that minimizes the resources, storage, and time required to manage, support, and secure data across SAP environments. This EMA product brief reviews Attunity Gold Client Solutions and recognizes Attunity as a leader in the SAP data environment management space.

EMA Perspective


Attunity Visibility Use Case | Workloads to Offload

A series on Attunity Visibility use cases; this video relates to BI users and reports.

Attunity Visibility Use Case | Chargebacks

A series on Attunity Visibility use cases; this video relates to chargebacks.

Attunity Visibility Use Case | Auditing

A series on Attunity Visibility use cases; this video relates to auditing.

Attunity Use Case | BI Users And Reports

A series on Attunity Visibility use cases; this video relates to BI users and reports.

Attunity Visibility Use Case | Data Range Analysis

A video series on Attunity Visibility use cases; this video relates to data range analysis.

Attunity Visibility Use Case | Unused Data

A series on Attunity Visibility use cases; this video is in regards to your unused data.

Attunity Visibility for Hadoop Demo

Demo of Attunity Visibility for Hadoop.

Give Your Enterprise a Spark: How to Deploy Hadoop with Spark in Production

How are leading enterprises deploying Hadoop with Spark in production? What key considerations should you consider in order to put your Spark-based innovative app to work faster? In this webinar replay, you'll hear real-life examples of companies turning data into action using Spark and Hadoop. Watch now to learn: What...

Ken Linger of LeaseHawk on theCUBE at AWS re:Invent 2015

Speaking with John Furrier, cohost of theCUBE, from the SiliconANGLE Media team, Ken Linger, LeaseHawk’s director of enterprise systems, went over the process of having Attunity handle that process for them and the ease they’d had with maintaining it since the initial transfer.

Attunity Microsoft Partner Interview

Carole Gunst, Marketing Director at Attunity interviews Dan Sandlin, Sr. Director of the Azure Global ISV Team at Microsoft about the partnership, Microsoft Azure, Attunity CloudBeam and more!

How to keep Test Data current across your SAP landscape

Testing on relevant, production-quality data is the only way to ensure comprehensive and efficient testing. In just 30 minutes learn how to quickly provide and maintain relevant, up-to-date data for testing with Attunity Gold Client Solutions: Dramatically reduce the time and effort to acquire test data Reduce development and bug-fix...

Etix, a Global Ticketing Company, Uses Cloud-Based Data Warehouse & Analytics to Achieve Competitive Advantage

Etix, the largest North American independent ticketing company, serves clients in 40 countries. To maintain its competitive edge and increase market share, the company needed robust, real-time analytics. Using Attunity CloudBeam, Etix quickly and cost-effectively sends data from its production systems into an Amazon Redshift data warehouse. Etix now profitably...

Gold Client Drives Colmobil’s Critical Enterprise Data Initiative to ROI Success

Colmobil is Israel’s largest importer and distributor of passenger and commercial vehicles, trucks, and buses, as well as the sole distributor of Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai Motors, Mitsubishi Motors, and Smart. To support a strategic data initiative which included several SAP projects, Colmobil decided to investigate solutions for refreshing QA and Dev...