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Tech predictions include big data, cloud mentions

The race is on to determine the leading tech differentiators for 2013. Some companies will make the right choices and thrive. Others will end up either chasing dead ends or continuing a steady approach and getting nowhere. Observing expert predictions for the year ahead can help decision-makers stay one step ahead of the game and sprint to the lead in their respective fields. These prognostications often agree in some ways - for instance, many different sources believe the cloud and big data will be issues of importance in the coming year.

Making projections
The Age recently offered its outlook for IT in 2013. Agreeing with many others in the field, the source noted the cloud and big data as major areas of interest in the year ahead. These systems both benefit from a few similarities, including use cases in many fields and strong interoperability. Firms with big data aspirations may well find that the cloud is what they need.

The Age explained that companies are on the lookout for big data staffers, with the end goal of turning their big data investments into "smart data," an approach that will reward finding the right information for the task at hand instead of simply building up a massive store of information. A county manager at an IT firm told the source that companies will begin using big data processes for new ends in the coming year, including bolstering security systems. Delving into untapped sources of information could give novel responses to age-old business problems.

The news provider also highlighted the cloud as an area of intense interest for 2013. That is not surprising, as enthusiasm for the technology has spiked in 2012, with business leaders shaking off their trepidation in the face of possible cost savings and functionality enhancements. The source noted that researchers have seen the convergence of cloud and mobility as important, as remotely hosted cloud applications could be a boon to workers using handheld devices on the go. Consultant Rhys Evans explained that businesses will move fully into Platform-as-a-Service, which can expand to give companies all the space they need as their data needs grow alongside their operations.

Augmented for success
Businesses adopting these advanced solutions may find themselves faced with a few surprising obstacles. The same tech company leaders who advertise the next generation of solutions so vocally are likely loath to suggest that companies could have intense trouble beginning to use big data or store it in the cloud due to the intense toll transmitting all the information can take on their legacy infrastructure. Luckily, there are solutions that can help.

Data replication systems are designed to move information and implement a number of functional improvements to synchronize massive information resources across systems never designed to support them. These programs can help businesses with one of the hardest steps in a cloud adoption, one that has received very little attention: The companies need to put their information into the cloud in the first place, though the amount may be massive.