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Public, private clouds both growing in popularity

IT began to move in several interesting directions in 2012. Employees discovered new ways to be productive on the road with mobile technology. Leaders started to dive deep into their own data with new analytics programs, unlocking business value. Tying these various other trends together was cloud computing, an enabling technology with several permutations and many exciting uses. Companies have come a long way since the cloud's introduction, but they still have plenty left to discover.

Cloud changes everything
InfoWorld recently offered a look back at the cloud's place in 2012. The source noted that the general movement during the year was toward public cloud systems from providers like Amazon Web Services. While the public cloud may not always be the dominant paradigm, the news provider noted that its main threat is internal clouds rather than on-site infrastructure. Companies will need flexible, scalable infrastructure - exactly what the cloud promises.

The source explained that businesses of all types have begun looking into the option of applications in the cloud. The strong commitment to developing these systems could lead to a serious cloud computing boom in 2013 and beyond. Certainly, without a significant new breakthrough, companies will continue with investigation and implementation of remote hosted options. Of course, this carries its own stipulations.

Assistance needed
Businesses may expect that their data can just appear in the cloud after a swift transfer. The truth is, this process is much more difficult and demanding than it may at first appear. Leaders can invest in systems that make the transfer process easier, lessening the strain on their legacy connections. Modern companies carry massive data reserves. Placing them into cloud systems to make them available for daily use is an important step, but it could also be a slow and taxing one. Employing specialized tools can make the job easier.