File Replication-Based Disaster Recovery

The Challenge

To protect a distributed organization's information assets and technology investments, IT must implement fail-proof Disaster Recovery processes. Few businesses can tolerate data-loss, downtime, or reduced information access. To carry out this initiative, IT must often replicate large volumes of files to/from distributed and/or offsite locations to centralized corporate data centers or collocations. Although file replication is often considered a basic requirement, it can be easily compromised by complex file structures, large files, inconsistent internet connectivity, and simple human error.

The Solution

To accommodate both simple point-to-point and larger scale multi-node Disaster Recovery scenarios, Attunity enables IT teams to centrally manage replication processes, define global policies, and assure delivery of business-critical files across any topology. The Attunity EFR Replication Manager provides real-time and scheduled replication, bandwidth controls, recovery and error reporting, and is optimized to overcome the toughest network connections. With Attunity, Businesses can avoid data-loss and enjoy improved operational efficiencies.



  • Protect the Business from data-loss, avoid downtime, and ensure accessibility
  • Replace error-prone legacy scripts with repeatable, reliable processes
  • Overcome connectivity challenges, accelerate transfer intervals and guarantee delivery
  • Centrally manage and monitor all replication-related processes
  • Support deployment processes across Windows, Unix, Linux and Cloud platforms