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Vice President of Sales

Consistent Approach Can Serve Cloud Users Well

February 15, 2013

The cloud represents a radical departure for companies. Where information once resided within a firm's walls on servers it owned, cloud computing asks the leaders of that system to give up that physical connection and place their key data into hosted architecture. The benefits of these systems are varied and can be quite different from those of on-premise systems - certainly, the cloud's promises of scalability and platform-agnostic access are new and exciting - but some things should stay the same. The same enterprise best practices companies have always used with regard to data management still apply in the new, hosted space.

Exploration examples
IT executive and TechTarget contributor Steve Gunderson recently described the journey to the cloud from the perspective of a consulting partner. He explained that firms are still figuring out how best to use the cloud, and what role their existing IT systems will play in the new environment. The entire process of adoption and transformation can be instructive and eye-opening for executives used to employing the classic models that have been a part of business for many years. He suggested that cloud testing could help firms realize some of the potential weaknesses in their own systems and compensate for them, citing one catastrophic load test as a particular example.

He noted that firms should not give up on the ideas that have made up the basis of their IT strategies simply because the cloud is a new environment. He praised the "systematic approach" that companies have evolved gradually over the years, making sure their products are tested and ready to provide impressive service. IT at its best is an enabler, a reliable support system for the rest of a company. That has never been more true, with many and varied departments calling on IT to enable their own goals through advanced technology.

Solid track record
This case for steady, trusted approaches can extend to the types of partners and services companies stick with. For example, Attunity's strong enterprise data replication track record in the on-premise era of information storage indicates that companies can continue to count on its solutions when moving to the cloud. Seeking out strong data replication tools is vital when dealing with the scalable cloud - the sheer amount of data on the move could lead to catastrophic bottlenecks. Firms getting ready to the cloud can gain peace of mind by trusting partners and technology options that saw them through the previous years.