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4 Important Cloud Trends Bleeding Into 2013

December 31, 2012

This year brought a wide variety of technology trends and innovations, with improvements to cloud services, analytics and the emergence of big data. However, some of those trends, specifically cloud-related ones, are likely to extend into 2013 and continue making waves in the new year. For businesses, the cloud can provide a number of benefits, but being unprepared for the changes it can bring could prove disastrous. Companies need to be ready to take advantage of the cloud, and by knowing what the likely trends are and adopting the best tools to prepare for them, a business will be ready to benefit from them.

Cloud storage
Cloud storage grew to new heights in 2012, with more businesses adopting cloud-based solutions for storage and data backup. This isn't likely to diminish in 2013, but rather keep growing, as more businesses adopt cloud and hybrid data storage and disaster recovery solutions. The cloud gives businesses flexible, "anywhere" access to their data, making it perfect for businesses adopting another major recent trend - mobility.

Cloud analytics
The cloud provides a new and versatile tool for business intelligence and data analytics, as well, according to Sys-Con Media. A number of new tools for analytics hit the market in 2012, as more businesses recognized the importance of analytics overall. With the attention that big data received throughout the year, more companies became aware of the importance of these tools and how they could turn data into profit. Next year isn't likely to change this trend much, and its steady movement will bring even more businesses to adopt analytics.

Big data management
"The cloud is a flexible and cost-effective service, so why not use it for more?" This was the mindset of quite a few businesses in 2012, and will continue to be prevalent in the new year. Virtualization, remote access and replacement for on-site infrastructure needs in various other areas bring the cloud into the spotlight in important ways. Whether a business is looking at the cloud to improve accessibility of data, applications and services or simply to reduce IT costs, the cloud is becoming a first choice for many.

Private, public and the hybrid cloud
With more businesses adopting the cloud, the decision to go with public or private solutions, or implement a hybrid of both, is also a major concern. Hybrid solutions are growing in popularity because of their accessibility and security, and more businesses that are investing in the cloud find that hybrid strategies offer the best service for the cost. However, businesses must also consider one more very important factor, which is how to get the data into the cloud.

File transfer and data replication
Any business investing in cloud solutions for storage, analytics, disaster recovery or data management needs a solution for getting its data into the cloud. To answer this need, Attunity's CloudBeam solution helps with both managed file transfer and data replication, enhancing the initial upload to the cloud, as well as replication between servers or applications.

The right tool for both transfer and replication will help a business streamline workflow and improve cloud service adoption by simplifying the process for employees and helping make adoption easier overall. For many, these new solutions come with new challenges in complexity that require training and support, but with a high-quality solution to handle the transfer and flow of data, these processes can be made easier and less stressful overall.